Neville Prior

I Am Back - Did I Learn Anything on Holiday?

Neville Prior  18 August 2009 11:43:23 AM
I have not holidayed in the UK for many years, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a week in Cornwall. However, my children had been desperate to go, after a couple of days there last year, with the claim of "best time of their lives". What a start : 9 hour drive, enjoying 4 major traffic jams! However, the week was sheer pleasure, if "full-on". We met four other families, all friends, and the 30 of us had surfing lessons, went body boarding, fishing, played beach footie, (the dad's team lost 4-3), and cricket. Generally holidays do not put one outside of one's comfort zone, but try surfing when you are approaching 50, and are significantly less fit than you ought to be!

The other father's are all involved in the financial industry, generally traders/brokers or investment bankers, including one from Hong Kong. As you can imagine the conversation occasionally turned towards the economy and recession. Strangely enough, I am generally the pessimist, but not this time, there was much talk of a W or double dip recession. As far as I can see there is still cause for optimism, and I am personally not that convinced of the double dip gloomsters. Let's hope the ride continues to get smoother, I think we all need it!

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