Neville Prior

The End of Retirement!!!!

Neville Prior  15 July 2009 12:37:38 PM
Some weeks ago, I arranged to meet with some financial advisors. This morning they arrived, and very professionally bamboozled me with financial comments and ideas. The theme however, was "make sure that you are looking after your pension", and "do you know how much you need to save to be comfortable in retirement".

Today, I also learnt from sources elsewhere, that retirement is to end! There will be no default retirement age, if a Government review is to be believed.

I guess the truth will lie somewhere in the middle..................we may not have to retire at 65: in fact we won't be able to afford to retire at 65! However, you will have to retire at some stage, so carry on saving!

1Geoff Newman  17/08/2009 4:02:15 PM  The End of Retirement!!!!

Hi Neville hope you are enjoying(ed) Cornwall. Did you see Usain Bolt last night? Wow what a performance and what a star he is. If our pension funds had star performance like Bolt we would be able to retire at 60!! But then what would we is addictive and I not sure I shall ever fully retire whichever government is in power. Of course 2012 is not only the Olympic Year (can't wait) but also the year employers face the introduction of compulsory contribution to employee pensions.....yet another "tax" on small businesses!

2Neville Prior  18/08/2009 11:34:12 AM  The End of Retirement!!!!

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the comment, just returned from Cornwall. What a great time I had, surfed, played beach footie and cricket, went fishing, and as predicted acted as a taxi for the children.

I didn't see the 9.58s 100M live, but caught it on the news. What a performer! Heard a comment he made a few weeks ago about British sprinters, said they were lazy. Just shows that to be world class you need something extra special......................................... for pensions, I think that we are all destined to work longer than we had planned, I guess I will need to. As you say, more burden to come on employers: makes one wonder sometimes whether it is all worth it? However, it is better than the alternative so we keep going! One day I will work out how much it costs my company to stay abreast of, and adhere to legislation and employers obligations. Certainly a lot more than in China, India, Brazil, Russia etc. etc.

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