Neville Prior

I Left My Comfort Zone Accompanied by Zadok the Priest

Neville Prior  9 July 2009 09:05:04 AM
One of the great things about working at Cornelius, is that everyone has the opportunity from time to time to leave their comfort zone, and try something a little different. Indeed this is encouraged by us, and people are allowed to try a bit more responsibility, to make a decision or to try and change something. In other words to make a difference.

Recently, I did something completely different, and went way outside of my own comfort zone, something that I have not done in a while. For years, I have attended church services at my children's school: the "good" ones I hasten to add: Remembrance Sunday, Harvest Festival, Christmas Carols........................and listened, not without some emotion, to the choir singing some fantastic choral music. This term, I decided to try and audition; I wanted to be a part of it, not just in the audience!

I last had anything to do with music, over 40 years ago, and whilst I think that I sing well in the bath or shower, I am no Pavarotti! I applied and turned up for my audition, was told I was a bass, joined in the practice, learnt to read music, and last weekend sang Zadok the Priest and Vivaldi's Gloria at the school speech day. I can say without hesitation, that it was hard, frightening and yet a most fantastic experience. I felt that I had really achieved something.

I intend to carry on, and I am sure it will come more easily with practice, but I had forgotten the exhilaration of achieving something, no matter how small, when it does not come easily. My plea therefore, is that everyone should try something new, it may fill you with trepidation, but the feeling at the end is more than worthwhile.

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